Titanium Weld Neck Flange

Class(lb) 150 – 2500
Size DN15 – DN 200
Tolerances +/-.001”
Thread Type UNC, UNF, Machine
Grades Grade 2, Grade 5

Titanium Flange Description

The Weld neck flange is one of the most used flanges with a neck extension and weld bevel. It is specified for small diameter pipe connections (Except for long weld neck flanges) and is ideal for higher pressure and high-temperature piping systems. A titanium weld neck flange is a type of titanium flange that transfers stresses to the titanium piping system. The tapered hub and gentle transition from the flange thickness to the wall of the pipe are features of this titanium flange. Female Titanium weld neck flanges are threaded and fit the pipe’s external thread perfectly, which is easier to install into the piping system. You can mount them without welding, so this is a good option if your pipeline is internally threaded.

Energy-Ti provides all kinds of Titanium flanges that are compliant with ASME B16.5 and ASTM B381 specifications. At Energy-Ti, We supplied and manufactured Titanium weld neck flanges are available in various materials and sizes. The most common alloy for titanium weld neck flanges is Commercial pure grade 2 and grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V). Grade 5 titanium flange contains 63% aluminum and 4% vanadium, is strong, good weldability, and is more resistant to corrosion and wear. They’re also easier to work with when installing and welding. If you’re looking for Grade 2 and grade 5 Titanium WNRF Flanges at a factory price, contact us today! We’ll help you make the right choice!

Titanium Weld Neck Flanges Dimensions