Address: 2-305 Xuhui Center, Weiyang Road, Xi’an City, China

Phone: 029-8915-0514

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About Energy-Ti Company

Energy Titanium is an advanced supplier, manufacturer, distributor of titanium alloys in the shape of the tube, sheet, bar, pipe fitting, powder and semi-finished forging parts in BAOJI city. We have built a strong reputation for service, reliability and quality, working closely with our customers, we are delivering across China and internationally, we are your ‘go to’ team for excellent service, reliable delivery, quality products and value for money. With access to some of the largest producers and stocking distributors across the globe, we specialize in non-standard items and hard-to-find alloys and product forms. Items such as the following:

  • Pipe, tube
  • Bar, rod, wires
  • Sheet, plate
  • Coils, strip
  • Target
  • Rings
  • Block, disc
  • Forging parts
  • Pipe fittings, fasteners, bolts and nuts, and special shapes.

Thanks to the considerable experience gained over time, the company is able to offer great professionalism and organizational flexibility, combined with the high quality of the product. We are a young and energetic individual enterprise, cooperating with professional raw manufacturing plants and material test units, Energy Titanium is a trustworthy company.

Why Choose Us?

Energy Titanium’s continuing existence and profitability depend on meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations; this provides value to customers and leads to a strong competitive advantage. We explore our capabilities relative to customer needs to enhance the value of our products and services beyond what the customer expects. We are proud of the lower purchase cost, precision forging processing capability and close cooperation with the medical apparatus factory.

Specialty Alloys

In addition to standard grades like Gr2, Gr5 and Gr23, we also offer a wide selection of specialty alloys such as Gr4, Gr 7, Gr9 and Gr12. If your application requires high-performance materials to battle corrosion or fouling, we can work with you on material selection to ensure the most cost-effective solution.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Approved by ISO 9001 certified management system, we have produced many high-quality semi-products in each production stage to ensure that each product that we deliver meets or exceeds our clients’ requirements. The most modern pre-engineered titanium forging factory in China is equipped with an advanced new technology line imported 100% from abroad and operated by an experienced metallurgical engineer.

In-house Technical Assistance

We are proud to have a highly trained and qualified team who are responsible for our actions and are committed to continuous improvement in our performance. Our experienced staff know customer’s requirements and are dedicated to handling customer orders quickly, efficiently and accurately. Energy Titanium offers the best in class technical and sales support.  Our metallurgist engineers are experts in corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and thermal conductivity, our sales team are multilingual and regularly trained and They can help you select the best material for your application at the lowest cost.

Quick lead times

At Energy Titanium, On-Time Delivery Performance is not only judged by how closely we achieve a promised date but also by how convenient that date is for you. Our shorter supply chain, flexible production schedules and reduced inventory program will allow us to ship any day of the week, helping you to optimize your material flow.

Main Equipments

Material Test