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How does Titanium work for the automotive industry?

Titanium is characterized by a lightweight, corrosive-resistant and remarkably strong and strength. They are significantly stronger than stainless steel and are a reliable alternative. This metal is also easy to work with and incorporates a high strength-to-weight ratio. Because titanium is lightweight, it can be easily worked with while preserving strength and rigidity. For general cars and super sports motorcycles, using titanium allows engineers to make high-performance parts with minimal weight.

High-quality titanium engine components can provide excellent performance, reduce fuel consumption, and improve the environment. These properties make titanium an excellent choice for a wide range of automotive applications, including fuel tanks, connecting rods, exhaust pipes, engine valves, mufflers, and other parts.

Automotive Applications Segment:

  • The car frame
  • Engine connecting rod
  • Engine valves
  • Turbochargers
  • Titanium Spring
  • Valve spring seat
  • Exhaust system and muffler
  • Fuel cell separator
  • Other titanium parts

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