3D Printing Titanium Powder

The metal injection molding (MIM)of titanium and titanium alloy powder can achieve mass and low-cost manufacturing of small and medium-sized complex-shaped products has been widely used in aviation parts and medical implants. The development of 3D printing has put higher requirements on titanium alloy powder, its purity, sphericity, particle size, distribution range, oxygen content, fluidity and loose loading density will influence the molding effect. The forming process used for 3D printing titanium is mainly EBM (electron beam melting) and SLM (selective laser melting). The example of marketed 3D printed titanium orthopedic implants and stomatology includes acetabulum cup, tibial plate, ankle joint fusion device, artificial cone, spinal, cranial and maxillofacial prostheses.

Energy titanium is a supplier of titanium powders for 3D printing of orthopedic medical devices, aerospace and other applications. The Ti powders we supplied are available in spherical shapes from 80 mesh to 500 mesh, which is characterized by low oxygen/nitrogen content, narrow size distribution, good spherical shape and good flowability. We are not only providing raw material powders but also 3D printing services according to customer requirements. By working with the leading technology R&D center and printing center cooperation equipped with ALD EIGA powder furnace and EOS M290 metal printer. At present, we have established a strict quality assurance system, which can fully ensure the stability of powder printing products.

Form: Spherical Powder(irregular & angular are available)

Materials:CP grade, Ti6Al4V, Ti6Al4V ELI, Ti2AlNb

Size(mesh): 80 -150 , 150- 325 , 250-400

Liquidity (S): ≤25

Loose packing density (g/cm3): ≥2.56

Oxygen content (wt.%): 0.07-0.11

Standards: ASTM F1295, ASTM F1580, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, EN/ISO 5832, GB23102

Titanium Powder Specification

Particle size range(μm) 0-15 15-45 15-60 60-120 120-150
Particle size distributions(μm) D10:4 D10:15 D10:20 D10:64 D10:124
D50:9 D50:34 D50:39 D50:82 D50:136
D90:14 D90:48 D90:59 D90:117 D90:148

Titanium Powder Property

Alloy Particle size, um Laser particle size distribution, (μm) Apparent density Carney flow Hall flow Oxygen content Nitrogen content
D10 D50 D90 g/cm³ s/50g s/50g ppm ppm
Grade 5 0-20 ≥7 10-18 ≤28 2.1 / / 800-1600 ≤300
15-53 ≥17 30-40 ≤58 2.4 ≤6 ≤40
53-105 ≥55 70-80 ≤120 2.5 ≤5 ≤40
105-150 ≥108 125-135 ≤158 2.4 ≤5 ≤40
CP Grade 0-20 ≥7 10-18 ≤28 2.1 / / 800-1100 ≤100
15-53 ≥17 30-40 ≤58 2.4 ≤6 ≤40
53-105 ≥55 70-80 ≤120 2.5 ≤5 ≤40
Ti-2Al-Nb 15-53 ≥17 30-40 ≤58 2.5 ≤6 ≤60 800-1300 ≤200
53-105 ≥55 70-80 ≤120 2.9 ≤5 ≤50

Energy Titanium is a stocking distributor and supplier of commercially pure and alloy titanium spherical powder, We supply titanium powder for 3D printing for a variety of purposes. All of our products were provided at reasonable prices and also carried original material mill test reports for complete traceability. Contact us today for learning more.