Fios de titânio

Titanium wires can be used for the filling metals of the titanium pipe and sheets, also commonly used for glasses frames and jewelry due to its hypoallergenic and lightweight. Titanium wires have excellent biocompatibility and can be used for orthodontic implants and joint reconstruction in the medical industry. Energy Titanium wires are available in standards ASTM B863 and AWS A5.16, delivered in straight lengths or coiled wire spools.

Titanium Wire Specification

AWS A5.16 /ASME SFA 5.16:Titanium and titanium alloy welding electrodes and rods

ASTM B863: Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire

ISO 24034: Solid rods and wires for fusion welding of titanium and titanium alloys

AMS 4928:

Titanium Wire Size

Grau Tipo de produto Tamanho disponível (mm)
Diameter Comprimento
ASTM B863 Grade 1 Straight Wires 1.2-6.0mm 1000mm
ASTM B863 Grade 2 Straight Wires 1.2-6.0mm 1000mm
Wire Reel 1.0-1.6mm /
ASTM B863 Grade 5 Straight Wires 1.2-6.0mm 1000mm
Wire Reel 1.0-1.6mm /

ASTM B863 Dimensional Tolerances of Titanium Wires

Diameter Size Variation Out of Round max.
Upper Limit Lower Limit
0.51 ≦ d ≦ 1.15 0.025 -0.025 0.038
1.15 < d ≦ 1.58 0.038 -0.038 0.050
1.58 < d ≦ 2.29 0.050 -0.050 0.063
2.29 < d ≦ 4.75 0.076 -0.076 0.076
4.75 < d < 6.35 0.101 -0.10 0.10