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Titanium materials are widely used in the medical industry due to the following characteristics: light weight, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility. Titanium and titanium alloys meet all of the requirements for good formability, machinability, and maintenance of function over the expected life span without deterioration under fatigue, wear, corrosion, and impact loads. Energy Titanium offer a diverse product line to the medical industry such as titanium sheet, plate, wire, tubing, screw and bolt, semi-finished titanium forging part. We also offer many value added services to provide the exact products you need, including machining, drilling, cutting, bending, shearing, and more,Energy Titanium can suit your Titanium needs.

How does the titanium work for the medical applications?

Titanium implant

Commercial pure titanium and Ti-6Al-4VELi alloys are widely used in surgical implants. Titanium artificial bone, for example, can be used to regenerate cells because titanium has a good affinity with human bone, epithelium and tissue. In order to improve the surface quality of implants connected with human bone, it is also an effective method to coarser bioceramics surface coating. At present, titanium and titanium alloy have been widely used in artificial bone joint, artificial bone, joint foot plate, broken bone fixator, bone marrow nail, artificial heart valve, skull and so on.

The pharmaceutical industry

Titanium is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to make containers, reactors and heaters. The Pharmaceutical production equipment often contacts with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other inorganic acids, organic acids and their salts, often damaged due to corrosion, at the same time, steel equipment brings iron ion pollution and affects the quality of the product, while titanium material is the ideal choice for the sector such as penicillin esterification kettle, glycosylation tank, chloramphenicol film evaporator, Anagen reactor, Mituel filter, dimethyl sulfate cooler, liquid filter, etc., .

Medical apparatus and instruments

Titanium and titanium alloy have good corrosion resistance, are non-toxic, lightweight, non-magnetic, are a good choice of medical instrument materials. At present, it has been used to make the surgical blades, hemostatic forceps, scissors, electric bone drills, forceps, vascular suture needles, sternum sutures and so on. In addition, titanium filters for oxygen filters are one of the cardiac surgical instruments, titanium electrodes for electrocardiogram machines, probes for medical ultrasound shredders, automatic controllers for blood transport boxes, and titanium instruments for eye surgery.


The most commonly used titanium grade is Ti-6Al-4V alloy for dental applications due to its high strength, as it turns out that the element V is harmful to the human body, so it is replaced with Nb, the Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy was successfully developed, which has excellent corrosion resistance, strong plasticity and good abrasive and also basically harmless to the human body. At present, titanium can be used as a crown, crown nail, fixed bridge, porcelain bridge, bonding bridge, denture clasp, base, connecting device and strengthening device,  almost all metal parts of the denture can be made of titanium.