Titanium Tubing

Titanium tubing are hollow cylindrical products with various diameters. The seamless titanium tubing is often used in aerospace parts, automotive hydraulics and and bicycles &motor frames due to its lightweight features, and welded titanium pipes are typically used for the conveyance of corrosive liquid and gaseous substances under high heat or high pressure. Energy Titanium tubing is available in standards ASTM B338, B337, B861 The titanium tubes are delivered in straight lengths or as U-bent tubes. Typical applications include heat exchangers, suppressors, hydraulic lines, exhaust tubing, bicycle frame and sports equipment.

Titanium Tube Specifications

ASTM B337: Seamless and welded pipe

ASTM B338: Seamless and welded tubing

ASME SB338: Seamless and welded tubing

AMS 4943: Aerospace hydraulic tubing, annealed

AMS 4944/4945: Aerospace hydraulic tubing, cold worked and stress relieved

Titanium Size Available

Grade Products Type Available Size
O.D W.T Length
ASTM B338 GR.1

ASTM B338 GR.2

ASTM B338 GR.3

ASTM B338 GR.5

ASTM B338 GR.7

ASTM B338 GR.9

Seamless Tubing 5.0~200mm 0.4~10mm ≤18000mm
ASTM B338 GR.2

ASTM B338 GR.12

Welded Pipe 10~40mm 0.5~2mm ≤25000mm