Titanium Sheet &Plates& Strips

At Energy Titanium, the pure titanium or alloys titanium sheets and plates are supplied in a variety of thicknesses and sizes as needed. Titanium sheets and plates are frequently used for the welded titanium pipes in the construction of the pressure vessel for the petrochemical, power plant field or aircraft exteriors. ET company can provide the titanium sheets, plates, strips, or coils with various thicknesses and sizes in accordance with ASTM B265 and other relevant specifications.

Specifications of Titanium Plates, Sheet, Strip and Coil

  • ASTM B265,ASME SB265
  • AMS 4911
  • MIL-T-9047G
  • ASTM F67

Size of Titanium Plates, Sheet, Strip and Coil

Grade Products Type Available Size
Thickness Width Length
ASTM B265 GR.1

ASTM B265 GR.2

ASTM B265 GR.5

Plates 6.00~60.00 1000~2500 3000~6000
Hot Rolled Sheets 3.00~16.00 800~1550 1000-6000
Hot Rolled Coils 3.00~6.00 800~1550 /
Cold Rolled Sheets 0.20~3.0 1000~1400 1000-6000
Cold Rolled Coils 0.20~3.0 1000~1400 /