Titanium Bar

Titanium round bar, flat bar, square bar, hex bar

Titanium round bars is the commonly used type in the material practical uses and it’s can be processed to various specifications. The titanium round bar offers excellent strength, corrosion resistance and is highly versatile, can be manufactured for dental and surgical implants, aerospace and automotive components. Besides the round bars, Energy Titanium also supplied the bar or rods in the shape of flat bar, square bar, hex bar for special uses in accordance with ASTM B348.

Specifications of Titanium Bars and Rods


AMS 4928


Size of Titanium Bars and Rods

Grade Product Type Available Size (mm)
Diameter/Height Width Length
ASTM B348 GR.1

ASTM B348 GR.2

ASTM B348 GR.5

Round Rod 2.50~120.0 / 6000
Flat Rod 2.50-25.0 12.0-65.0 6000
Square Rod 5.0-38.00 6.0-12.0 6000
Hexagon Rod 6.0-38.00 6.0-12.0 6000