Titanium Forging Parts

Energy Titanium is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of titanium material forging for medical device and surgical implants made of Ti and Ti alloys in compliance with ASTM F67/ F136 and ISO5832-2/5832-3. We maintain large inventories of intermediate input stocks staged to provide excellent products within short time cycles.

The unique metallurgical properties of forgings result in extremely tough and strong components for a variety of applications where require corrosion resistance combined with strength and toughness. We supply various forging titanium parts for the medical industry, including discs, short bars, shafts, sleeves, rings, round and rectangular blocks.




ASTM F1108


ASTM F1295

ASTM F1341

ASTM F1472

ISO 5832-2

ASTM Grades and UNS Numbers

Gr.1 R50250

Gr.2 R50400

Gr.3 R50550

Gr.4 R50700

Ti-6Al-4V  R56200

Ti-6Al-4V ELI   R56401


Forged rounds (bars, shafts) up to 300mm diameter

Forged discs/blocks – squares or rectangles up to 400mm diameter cross-section.

Forged rings – 6″ to 240″ diameters x up to 30″ thick

Hollows / spindles / unique shapes rounds/blocks/profiles – 2″ to 450″

Multiple planes ‘stepped ‘forgings rounds/blocks/profiles – 2″ to 450″

Custom stocking programs are also available. Contact us now for prompt service.