Ti-0.2Pd Sheet/Plate

Titanium Grade 7(Ti-0.2Pd) is similar to commercially pure Titanium grade 2 in mechanical properties but a small amount of Palladium (up to 0.2%) is added, which makes it more resistant to corrosion especially from acids. It has excellent weldability and processing properties and is extremely resistant to corrosion, has been used for the chemical industry or other areas that require strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation such as dilute hydrochloric acid, dilutes sulfuric acid, dilutes phosphoric acid, it is used in equipment to prevent crevice corrosion, such as tube heat exchanger and textile spinneret. At Energy Titanium, we supplied the Titanium grade 7 in the shape of sheet, plate, coils and strips in accordance with ASTM B265.

Titanium Plate Specification

Available specification ASTM B265 Grade 7 Sheet/Plate

ASME SB265 Grade 7 Sheet/Plate

Form Sheet/Plate/Coil/Strip
Größe Warmgewalzt: 3.0-60mm*400-1000mm*≤3000mm

Kaltgewalzt: 5.0-70mm*1000-2000mm*≤6000mm

Oberfläche Entkalkt und gebeizt, sandgestrahlt, geschliffen, poliert
Zustand der Lieferung Warmgewalzt, kaltverformt, geglüht, abgeschreckt
Gr.7 Chemical Composition(ASTM B265)
C 0,08 max
O 0,25 max
N 0,03 max
H 0,015 max
Fe 0.3 max
Pd 0.12-0.25
Mechanische Eigenschaften
Zugfestigkeit, Mpa 345
Streckgrenze, Mpa 275
Dehnung in 4D, min, % 20

Energy Titanium is a stocking distributor and supplier of commercially pure and alloy titanium sheets, We supply titanium sheets and plates to various industries for a variety of purposes. All of our products were provided at reasonable prices and also carried original material mill test reports for complete traceability. Contact us today for learning more.