Commercially Pure(CP) Titanium is the unalloyed titanium with a purity above 99.5%. There are four grades for CP titanium, that’s is grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4, the impurities increase in turn. The Grade 2(UNS R50400) has the medium strength in the commercially pure titanium family, it has a wide application due to its affordable price than other grades . as other pure-grade titanium, it has good weldability and corrosion resistance, is most often used in aerospace, marine, chemical processing, power generation, military etc.

The typical applications of titanium wires were for MIG/TIG welding filler materials, for the welding of various titanium pipes and other metals parts made of titanium. In addition, titanium wires have been used for eyeglass frames, titanium mesh filters, medical devices. At Energy Titanium, we supplied the CP Titanium grade 2 wire shape of straight wires and coiled rope in accordance with ASTM B863 and AWS A5.16.

Titanium Wires Specification

Verfügbare Normen ASTM B863, AWS A5.16

ISO 24034

GB/T 3623

Form Gerade Stäbe, Drahtseile,
Größe Klasse 1 Durchmesser 0,1mm-7,0mm

ERTi-1:Spurweite 10, Spurweite 11, Spurweite 12, Spurweite 14, Spurweite 16

Oberfläche Entkalkt, poliert
Zustand der Lieferung Warmgewalzt, kaltverformt, geglüht, abgeschreckt
ASTM B863 Grade 2 Chemical Composition
C 0,08 max
O 0,25 max
N 0,03 max
H 0,015 max
Fe 0,3 max
ASTM B863 Grade 2 Mechanical Property
Zugfestigkeit, Mpa 345
Streckgrenze, Mpa 275
Dehnung in 4D, min, % 20