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Material Test

We purchase only prime materials from leading mill sources. Additionally, our materials can be certified to popular industry standards like ASTM, DIN, JIS, GB and others. We are also the approved vendor of raw material and semi-finished product processing centers for many organizations. We value the ability like quick reaction and service to support the sale and delivery of quality materials to our valued customers. Among the activities related to the production of our products, we are concerned with providing the relevant certification in accordance with the applicable requirements required by the technical specifications, inspection/quality control plans and material datasheets.

The tests are carried out by Accredia UNI EN ISO 17025 certified external laboratories for destructive testing and by Qualified Structures ASNT / UNI EN ISO 9712 – 2 ° / 3 ° level for non-destructive testing. Tests may be attended by the Customer and/or Third Party in the case of certification 3.2 or expressly specified on the inspection/quality control plans (QCP / ITP). Our production process involves the execution of different checks on the incoming materials, as well as other tests, are performed during the processing phases.

  • CMM, Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Tensile tester
  • Ultrasonic detector
  • Rockwell hardness tester

To ensure the quality of titanium bar, titanium tube and wires, we attach importance to the quality of raw materials strictly and the process of forging blanks and semi-finished products of ultrasonic testing, eddy current flaw detection, the finished product of X-Ray flaw detection and fluorescence penetrant flaw detection and anodized erosion is also not for Energy Titanium company, we can quickly detect the crack, blind stitch, porosity, inclusions and other defects, to ensure that substandard products are not delivered to you.