Titanium 6AL-4V Eli, also referred as Grade23(UNS R56401), is an extra low interstitial elements (O, N, C) version based on Grade 5. It offers a higher purity with lower inclusions of Iron, improving stress corrosion cracking. 6AL-4V Eli Grade 23 shows good strength, lightweight, good corrosion resistance and high toughness, making it especially suited for aerospace, saltwater and cryogenic vessel medical applications. As a biocompatible Grade of Titanium, it is also known for its applications in the medical and dental industries due to its high resistance and low modulus. Typical application includes Orthopedic pins and screws, Surgical staples, Orthopedic cables, Orthodontic appliance, joint replacements, bone fixation devices. At Energy Titanium, we mainly supplied the alloy Titanium grade 23 bar in the shape of a round rod, hex, square, octagon and flatform in accordance with ASTM B348 and ASTM F136.

Gr23 Titanium Round / Flat bar specification

사용 가능한 표준 ASTM B348, ASTM F136, AMS 4928


ISO 5832-2, 5832-3

GB/T 2965, GB/T 13810

크기 단조 티타늄 바: 40mm-300mm, L 6000mm 미만

압연 티타늄 바: 6mm-130mm, L 6000mm 미만

Surface 석회질 제거, 샌드 블라스트, 연마, 거친 선삭, 정밀 선삭, 광택 처리
배송 조건 열간 압연, 냉간 가공, 압출, 어닐링, 담금질
Chemical Composition(ASTM B348 Gr.23)
C 최대 0.08
O 0.13 max
N 최대 0.03
H 0.0125 max
Fe 최대 0.25
Al 5.5-6.5
V 3.5-4.5
기계적 특성
인장 강도, Mpa 828
항복 강도, Mpa 759
연신율(4D, 분, %) 10

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