We all know that Titanium is a lightweight material. Its excellent corrosion resistance property makes it an excellent choice for structural components. It is also biocompatible, which means it is safe for human beings and the environment. When you are preparing a product for fabrication, the weight should be an important consideration. You can also use a weight formula to estimate the cost of titanium and shipping. By knowing the dimensions and form of the titanium products, you can get an accurate estimate of the weight per lot or piece.

Weight of titanium plate

Formula= L*W*t*4.51/1000,000

Where: L = Length, mm

W = Width, mm

t=Height, mm

Weight of titanium tube(welded/seamless)


Where: D = Outside diameter, mm

t = Wall Thickness, mm


Weight of titanium bar/wire/ingots


Where: D = Diameter, mm


Weight of titanium ball


Where r= radius, mm