Ti-6Al-4V Tubing

Titanium Grade5 is characterized by its addition of 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium, also referred to as Ti-6AL-4V, is an Alpha-Beta crystalline structure. The adding of the element V and Al make it’s stronger than other commercially pure titanium while still retaining the same hardness. Titanium Grade 5 is the most commonly used alloy in the Ti grades family, has been widely used in aircraft and spacecraft, marine, medical and chemical processing applications is growing. Typical applications include aircraft turbines, aerospace structural components, high-performance automatic parts, sports equipment, surgical implants and other application where light-weight, highly formable, and extremely corrosion resistant are required. At Energy Titanium, we supplied the seamless alloy Titanium tube grade 5 in accordance with ASTM B338.

Titanium Pipe&Tube Specification (ASTM B338 Gr.5)

利用可能な規格 アストレムB337、B338、B861、B862

AMS 4942, 4945, 4944, 4943

GB/T 2965、GB/T 13810

形状 丸管、角管
サイズ 押出シームレス管:O.D 5-200mm、W.T 0.3-10.0mm、L ≤18000mm;

圧延シームレス管:O.D 25-210mm、W.T 0.5-2.0mm、L ≤18000mm;

表面 冷間還元、酸エッチング、ベルト研磨、炉酸化
配送状況 熱間圧延、冷間加工、焼鈍、焼入れ
C 最大0.08
O 最大0.20
N 最大0.05
H 最大0.015
フェ 最大0.4
アル 5.5-6.75
V 3.5-4.5
引張強さ、Mpa 895
降伏強度、Mpa 828
4Dでの伸び、分、% 10