China is the leading producer of titanium materials worldwide, accounting for approx. 45% of the world’s total output. Although titanium is not a rare or precious metal, it is still one of the most expensive metals in the world. The difficulty of mining titanium and the process of extracting titanium requires high temperatures and vacuum conditions are the main reasons for its high price.

In 2022, Titanium’s prices are driven by rising demand for aerospace and chemical products. Furthermore, the use of derivatives in alternative energy should stimulate market growth even further. Here we will show you the titanium market price per kg in China(Average price in the month).

Titanium Price Chart 8, 2022

ArtikelBetyg/behandlingStorlekPrice(RMB, Yuan)
Göt av titanKlass 1
Klass 5
TitanplattaKlass 23mm111/KG
Trådar av titanGr1/ Gr2
1-5 mm
1-5 mm
280-300 /KG
Stång av titanKlass1/2 (polerad)
10-20 mm
Över 20 mm
130-13.5 /KG
135-150 /KG
Grad5 (polerad)10-20 mm
Över 20 mm
240-270 /KG
Spolar av titanVarmvalsad/
1,5M bredd
105-113 /KG
Kallvalsad/122-130 /KG
Rör av titanBetyg1/220-30 mm
85 mm
140-145 /KG
105-107 /kg

The price of Titanium according to the Chinese currency is Yuan(RMB) because China is the world’s largest producer of titanium.

Note: All the prices are based on the titanium in the Chinese market. The prices of all processed products such as titanium tubes, titanium plates and titanium wires are for reference only. The actual prices should be subject to the material, processing, surface treatment and other processing. Also, actual prices fluctuate according to exchange rate between the Chinese Yuan and American Dollar.