Grade 1 Wires

Commercially Pure(CP) Titanium is the unalloyed titanium with a purity above 99.5%. There are four grades for CP titanium, that’s is grades 1, grade2, grade3 and grade4, the impurities increased in turn. Grade 1 offers the highest purity, is the softest and most ductile grade of commercially pure titanium family with low oxygen. Titanium grade 1 has excellent ductility, formability, corrosion resistance and high impact toughness. This grade is most often used for the field required a higher level of weldability and formability such as aerospace, medical, shipping, pharmaceutical, and paper industries, etc.

The typical applications of titanium wires were for MIG/TIG welding filler materials, for the welding of various titanium pipes and other metals parts made of titanium. In addition, titanium wires have been used for eyeglass frames, titanium mesh filters, medical devices. At Energy Titanium, we supplied the CP Titanium grade 1 wire shape of straight wires and coiled rope in accordance with ASTM B863 and AWS A5.16.

Titanium Wires Specification(ASTM B863)

Beschikbare standaarden ASTM B863, AWS A5.16

ISO 24034

GB/T 3623

Vorm Straight rods, Wire rope,
Maat Grade 1 Diameter 0.1mm-7.0mm

ERTi-1:Gauge 10, gauge 11, gauge 12, gauge 14, gauge 16

Oppervlak Descaled, Polished
Leveringstoestand Warmgewalst, koud bewerkt, gloeien, afschrikken
Chemische samenstelling
C 0,08 max
O 0,18 max
N 0,03 max
H 0,015 max
Fe 0,2 max
Mechanisch eigendom
Treksterkte, Mpa 240
Opbrengststerkte, Mpa 138
Rek in 4D, min, % 24