Titanium Shoulder and Knee Joints

Energy Titanium is a professional supplier and manufacturer of semi-finished titanium prosthetic shoulder joints and knee joints suited for individual pathology. Shoulder joints consist of shoulder prosthesis, humeral head, humeral stem, radial stem and sleeve; Knee replacement surgery or total knee arthroplasty consists of the tibial component, the femoral component, patella component, tibial stem, tibial tray, ethylene tibial insert and a series of components. A wide range of prosthesis sizes can be designed to meet the needs of different patients to the greatest extent. Eccentrically lengthening stem allows better positioning of the femoral and tibial prosthesis to fit the shape of the medullary cavity.

Material: Ti-6Al-4V ELI

Raw material standard: ASTM F136-08, ISO5832/3-1996

Product performance standard: ASTM F620-06

Tensile property: ISO 6892-1, EN 10002-1, ASTM E8/E8M

Hardness test: ISO 6508-1, ASTM E18, ASTM E384

Processing: Heat treatment, forging

Status: Annealed

Surface: Pickling, sanding

Surface treatment: polishing, chemical milling, grinding, etc.

Size detection method: calipers, micrometer